Of all the Indian states, Kerala is one of the most prosperous, and the natives of Kerala are the most humble and generous people of all Indians. People of Kerala are popularly known as Malayalees or Keralites. Malayalees take deep pride in their culture and traditions.

Let us look at some interesting facts about the glorious state of Kerala.

Language and Religion: Malayalam is the mother tongue of the people of Kerala. Apart from Malayalam, which is the official language of the state, English is extensively spoken. Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam are the three prominent religions of the state.

Positive Facts about Kerala

Population: Kerala has an extremely progressive society. Because of its abundant natural resources, the state has the maximum population density in the country. According to the census of 2011, population of Kerala is approximately 3.34 crore with a population density of 860 persons per square kilometer. The population growth rate has decreased from 9.42% to 4.91% between 2001 and 2011. This population growth rate is the lowest in the country.

Gender Ratio: Kerala is one of the few Indian states to have a greater female to male ratio. The Census 2011 report shows the gender ratio as 1084 women per 1000 men as opposed to the national average of 940. Another interesting fact is that some communities in Kerala follow a matriarchal society as opposed to the patriarchal society in the other parts of the country.

Literacy Ratio: Another social dynamic that Kerala can boast of is its literacy rate. It is the only state in India to have achieved 100% literacy rate at some point in time. Although it has failed to maintain it at 100%, the literacy ratio was 94% in 2011. Male literacy ratio was 96.11%, and female literacy ratio was almost 100%.

Negative Facts about Kerala

Though Kerala ranks first on most of the social indices, such as literacy, gender ratio etc., there are a few negatives too.

Crime Rate: According to NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) statistics, the crime rate in Kerala is the highest in the country. There are 455.8 cases for every 1 lac people, which is double the national rate of 196.7 cases. Kerala also ranks third in the percentage of violent crimes and second in crime against scheduled tribes.

Female Security and Domestic Violence: Domestic violence is one of the serious issues plaguing Kerala. Women have to deal with both physical and psychological violence by their husbands as well as their in-laws. Dowry is a huge social stigma, though dowry deaths in Kerala (0.1) are lower against the national rate (0.7). From 1991-2001, atrocities against females have increased 300%. Female security is an important issue in Kerala. Crimes such as eve teasing, rape, and sexual assaults against women are a point of concern.

Suicide and Divorce Rate: The repercussions of domestic violence can be seen in increased divorce and suicide rates in Kerala, which are the highest in the country. As this is among the most urbanized states, the divorce rates here are also the highest. The same is true for suicide rates. Approximately 36% of suicides are due to matrimonial problems.


These are some positive as well as some unfavourable facts about Kerala. We can hope that the highly educated Malayalee society can find ways to tackle these societal issues and emerge as a glorious society they have always been.

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