Sharon Osbourne – day of delivery – 9th Oct 1952

Rock matriarch, songs manager/promoter, married to Black Sabbath’s Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne.






Daily life Path amount 27/9 – harmonious

She has a line of toughness, the Line of resolve! Much too suitable! Appear who she’s married to and appear what she has had to conquer.

She is a Everyday living Route 9: Symbolizing the idealism of altering the earth for the much better, for the benefit of all. Made up of the prosperity of human knowledge, it is therefore unpredictable and vulnerable to know the extremes of human emotion and knowledge. A daily life Route 9 need to know compassion and a generosity of spirit in purchase to be definitely fulfilled.

Nines are idealists who ought to channel their beliefs and intuitions into contributing to the typical great. They may well come across as naïve. By their idealism and need to assist others, nines can be far too trusting of other folks and discover them selves getting exploited or manipulated, and they are usually not regarded as great judges of character. Nines desire of a perfection in culture, relationship, and self. All as well frequently, having said that, this considerably less than perfect entire world can fall short to dwell up to expectation. This realization can turn the Nine’s enthusiasm into a bitter cynicism. Unconditional appreciate and tolerance is the way ahead together with the sacrifice of attachment to content belongings and economical wealth.

Those people who cling to the content trappings of achievement or to a associate that they depend on too considerably for reassurance and protection can expertise frustrations in their everyday life.

The nines have to have to ‘let go’ and comprehend their larger goal: to inspire and unite people close to them in common appreciate. The number 9, getting a inclination toward extremes, can symbolise appreciate or war, ecstasy and melancholy. It is a resourceful selection, and Daily life Path 9s are charismatic and emotional folks.

Sharon O has two 9s in her day of beginning, so she may perhaps lean to the assertive qualities of the 9: Impractical, fickle, absence of tolerance for others’ views, but also too generous, impatient and temperamental.

Existence Path 27/9: These on this existence path require to get the job done through subconscious issues of distrust and betrayal. Thus lifestyle delivers them with quite a few scenarios that repeat the same message: trust your heart let your brain surrender to the wisdom of the heart. This refers to the sensation dimension. They tend to mentalize every thing alternatively of trusting their possess feelings or intuition.

They can develop into recognition-training addicts or religious vagabonds, heading from a person workshop to one more, hunting for confirmation and steerage from academics or guides. The more they observe the viewpoints of other individuals, the far more issue they have acquiring in contact with their possess emotions.

The 7 energy results in them to focus in the head and sales opportunities them to avoid inner thoughts. Even with their social chatter and outer animation, internally, they experience additional like hermits or even appear like them, and they absolutely need their own house.

Most 27/9s surface self-confident and have a pure charisma affiliated with the management energy of 9s. Their occasionally forceful mental tips and viewpoints overcompensate for their lack of trust. These concepts can grow to be fanatical. They may well be like silent zealots.

Many 27/9s anxiety spirituality for the reason that of unconscious fears of obtaining much too shut to the flame. No matter if they are conscious of it or not, most 27/9s find an inner resonance with individuals who had been persecuted for the reason that their loyalty was to the higher legal guidelines of spirit, not the recent ruling get.

Most 27/9s have a substantial volume of particles from troublesome childhoods. They may perhaps encounter sensitivity in the coronary heart region if they put up with from continual, unresolved emotions of betrayal. Emotions of isolation and disconnection can lead some to psychological disturbances, as effectively as abuse of drugs or liquor, which numbs their internal agony.

In interactions, the important is permitting go of psychological processes and entering their emotions, untroubled by views, beliefs and viewpoints of other individuals. Their interactions offer the likelihood to encounter vulnerability, wherein lessons of believe in are uncovered. Very good intercourse for them is like going to confession. Sexuality for them serves as a suggests to uncover harmony, link and communion, fairly than just uncooked satisfaction.

Most 27/9s excel in company and therapeutic-similar work, in the broadest this means of people terms. Their purely natural charisma, which they you should not always enjoy and have faith in, makes them persuasive dancers, actors, or artists, but their artwork feels additional meaningful if connected to a increased objective. They most frequently get paid plenty of revenue to satisfy their demands and then some.

27/9s have to have to ‘learn and recite’ the Religious Laws* of:

Higher Will, Instinct, Religion, Adaptability and No Judgments to assistance them in their every day life.

Additional Numerology:

Start title: Sharon Rachel Levy

Expression selection: 6

The expression selection tells you how to greatest occur into line with your existence path selection. Hers is as follows:

Temperament attributes: 8

Sharon’s Astrology:


Librans have a incredibly solid want to type associations and are by no means definitely content when by yourself. Frequently they see a partnership as offering them a perception of identity and validity. They have a excellent deal of loving passion to give to a associate. Venus’ rulership of this signal imparts a sensuality and a like of luxury surroundings Librans adore location the scene for a romantic evening.

At do the job, Librans have a quiet, unflappable air, probably disguising the fact that they are bold in their occupations.

They are innovative at style and decor, regardless of whether dressing a stage, a window or a prime model. As they make these initiatives to get on perfectly with other people, any job that involves the bringing together of men and women is a organic extension of their talents. If you give them inventive work to do, they’re going to deal with it masterfully. They can carry a touch of course and eye-attraction to most any task.

The trouble arises when deadlines have to be satisfied. Libra, getting of the air component, can get carried absent and reduce monitor of time. They’re usually late for appointments. It really is just that they don’t want to damage the inner thoughts of the a person they’re with, so they linger when they must get up and go. However, when they do get there, the Libran will attraction the socks off you!

They are appeal personified individuals take to them instantly and this is one thing that they thrive upon. They have a friendly, authentic fascination in the men and women all-around them and get a pretty laid-back again frame of mind to life and their environment most of the time. Don’t be deceived by this, however, simply because it is really effectively regarded that Librans execute this only by knowing that they have every little thing balanced and underneath handle.

I Ching:

Imagined I might throw an I Ching, to see what they propose for her right now:

25: Without having Embroiling


___ Pressure




—– Shake


The hexagram exhibits she’s having too involved and worked up about issues! Doesn’t she do that? She walks off reveals, gets definitely riled up, can be really unprofessional at situations, you could say, and although you might imagine it can be all for effect, I believe it is authentic, and might even be putting her vocation at risk. Additionally, that form of actions usually takes her absent from somewhat than towards accomplishing her true goals, whichever they may be.

The description in the hexagram claims: “Caught up, entangled, foolish, wild, reckless”.

Could this be correct of Sharon? Could this be describing her habits on Television? Or might be in her personal existence.

It states to “Preserve the correct inspiration, free of charge you from anger, lust, hatred or greed for acquire, which will give you the capability to act immediately.”

So yet again it is stating will not get so caught up in items, which frees up her time to pursue regardless of what her genuine intention is (by means of direct action), which is the actual objective of carrying out that function, whether it is just to gain income or some increased purpose like supporting people, the ‘getting embroiled’ interferes with that.

There is certainly also a person improve line at the bottom:

Modify at 1: “Obstacles will be overcome which will guide to pleasure and results. Go through with your plan”.

A transform line on the base suggests she desires to make a alter in her ‘inner self’. Perhaps the obstacles are to do with her solid feelings and views.

Over-all, it seems like she’s on the suitable route, but possibly requirements to lighten up a little bit, probably not just take things much too very seriously or much too much to heart to maintain beating obstructions, and she’ll thrive in her goals in lifestyle.

I would not want her to mess up her vocation, with 1 way too lots of displays of theatrics! She’s a lovely, feisty woman, with authentic compassion she genuinely does care about people today. And though I am confident she isn’t going to have to have anyone’s information, nonetheless … you never know.

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